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I’ve been MIA for a while. Life gets that way for all of us, doesn’t it?


The truth is, on top of everything else in life that can get in the way and slow us down – like kids, work, and everyday chores – I was in treatment for cancer too. It’s a little overwhelming a times, and it slows everything down. It can take priority over everything else, if you let it, and it definitely takes up a lot of space on your plate.


I don’t want this blog to be a dower. It’s just meant to be an explanation of why I haven’t been posting as frequently for so long.


The truth is, I’m much better now and I’m reprioritizing things in my life. Which means my writing is back in the forefront of things. I appreciate all of you who have hung on and stuck around, supporting me through the low times. It means a lot – even those of you who didn’t know why I wasn’t blogging or putting out as much new material.


All I can say now is, thank you. I appreciate it… every day. I sincerely hope you will like what comes next.


With love and appreciation,

~ Raven


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Who Are You?

For the final assignment of my New Media: Writing/Publishing course I created a PowerPoint presentation to share a message about who I am as a writer. I’m including it here for all of you as well. I hope you enjoy it.


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Last year, I posted a Blog Hop interview (if you didn’t read it then, you can find it here), and toward the end of the interview it asked who I thought was an author to keep an eye on. I actually listed three authors, but today I want to talk about the amazing Glenn Rolfe.


Glenn writes horror like nobody’s business, and if you want creepy, freaky, scary, or just plain gross – then, I absolutely recommend reading his work. The good news is you can because he has several things available. Becoming, his serial novel, is available free online at jukepop.com. You can read along as the story unfolds, and I highly recommend it. A year ago, I mentioned his Haunted Halls series. These books are short enough to read in one sitting, and then read them again frequently. Which I’ve done. In fact, the series hasn’t left my Kindle since I got them. Glenn also has pieces in various magazines and anthologies, but I really wanted to pop on here today to tell you all to be on the lookout for his next novella, Abram’s Bridge, due out next year from Samhain Horror.


Congratulations Glenn!


You can read about the flurry of activity happening right now with all of Glenn’s works directly on his website. (go – go there right now!) It’s pretty exciting for me as a fan of his writing, so I can only imagine how mind-blowing it is for him. I suggest, if you enjoy horror stories as much as I do, that you follow this man’s career because it won’t be long before he’s a household name.

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Originally posted on my IntroMuse Page on 08/24/2012


My name is Raven Hawk. I’m 35, and I live in Central Vermont with my four children. I have all boys (18, 15, 13, and 12), and they keep me very busy. I also have two cats (Mystickal and Shinx), but we’ve been discussing purchasing a new kitten because Mystickal is getting on in age. The cats are also boys, in case anyone was wondering about the testosterone levels in the house.


I have worked as many things in my short professional life, from a bartender to a paralegal. However, most recently I have been studying Psychology and Sociology while I work as a Mediator and Personal Advocate for low-income families. I have also taken classes focusing on Grant Writing, Community Organizing, and MNDR (Mediation, Negotiation, and Dispute Resolution). Overall, I generally enjoy working with the public and helping others. I particularly enjoy helping others overcome challenges and barriers in their personal lives, so they can successfully meet their own goals.


In October 2011, I transferred to SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) to study English, Literature, and Creative Writing (with a specialization in Fiction Writing). I’ve been working on a fiction novel, geared toward 6-9th graders, for about a year now. My mother is actually the one who suggested I try writing as a profession. She says I’m a great storyteller, but I think writing a great fiction novel is a lot more difficult than telling a twenty-minute impromptu bedtime story to my children. I have to admit, I haven’t worked on it as much as I’d like since I started school and it’s sort of collecting dust right now.


I recently finished a class, Intro to Creative Writing, which changed my views on writing. The instructor stressed writing everyday – no matter what it is, just write something. I tried writing poetry again, which I haven’t done since I was in high school. I’ve also been trying to write in poetic styles and formats that I had never tried before, and some I hadn’t even heard of. I like writing poetry, but I think I’m more of a free verse, with unique rhyme schemes, kind of poet. I don’t like having to worry so much about the rules as I’m trying to get the words out. In fact, I find it frustrating to worry about a set number of syllables, and rhyme schemes on certain syllables within the lines, etc. It overwhelms me.


Something else that happened, within the flexible boundaries of that class, is that I began another book. One for adults this time. One of our writing prompts was to write about a marine that goes AWOL. The short story grew into something much larger and I intend to finish it. I already have about 6,000 words written, and when it is complete, I intend to work, very hard, on getting it published.


Anyway, I don’t expect writing to become a fulltime career for me, but I do enjoy it as a hobby and hope that my writing will encourage others to read more (chiefly my youngest son, Holden, who has severe dyslexia).


I would like to add that I have Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an auto accident that occurred in 1995. This isn’t something that is obvious from looking at or talking to me, but it is a fact of my daily life. Unfortunately, there are times when I struggle to communicate well, due to my injury. I would like to apologize to you all, in advance, if I frustrate you because I misunderstand something you’ve posted, or if something I’ve posted is difficult to follow. I work hard to be fluent in thought and speech (written language in this case), but sometimes it is still quite elusive for me. I can be a bit of a scatterbrain, but I mean very well.


I hope that my ability to push past my disability to achieve my goals and dreams will inspire others to do the same in their own lives.



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Henrik Moses

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share with you a beautiful drawing that I recently received. I intend to use the image in some of my publicity materials. So, let me know what you think.

by Henrik Moses

by Henrik Moses


The drawing was done by the very talented Henrik Moses

Pease take a few moments to visit his website here: www.artility.nl

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A Blog and A Beginning

I’m new to blogging, but I decided to jump in feet first and simply submerse myself in the idea of it. I recently completed a class, Intro to Creative Writing, and it seems to me that blogging is just something all aspiring writers do now. In fact, even many well-known, published authors blog these days. So, if my instructor was determined to convince my classmates and I that writing “every day” was vital to our identity (and ability) as writers, then I have to take the leap and assume that blogging is also par for the course.

Fumbling through the options of available blog sites today, and there are plenty, made my head spin. Some blog sites are completely free. Some blog sites are free, but have paid upgraded levels that offer more features. Some blog sites are initially free, but most of the features are locked and inaccessible unless you are a paid member. Then, there are other sites that boast that they can pay you – through advertising (the more people you attract to your blog the more you get paid). Of course, I just want something simple; simple to set up, simple to understand, simple to use, and simple to personalize a little so it doesn’t look like every other blog on the site.

Although, sifting through the blogosphere was a challenge today, I knew that if I procrastinated I would probably never create a blog at all. I was determined to get it done because if I waited until tomorrow I would drag my feet and come up with reasons why I didn’t have the time to blog. I’m really too busy, you know – house work, school work, work-work, then there is everything I do for my kids (and their friends) – including driving them to the ends of the earth and back each day. I would excuse myself from creating a blog because of time or errands if I didn’t create one today.

Well, now I have one. There can’t be any more excuses. I have to use it. I can make it an obligation to myself – to be a better writer, even to be a better mother or advocate by venting frustration in a place other than at my children. One thing I do know, I have every intention of blogging now, and frequently, while I get a real understanding of what this new way of communicating is all about.

All my best,


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