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I Write

I write because it frees me.

Because it heals me.

Because it eases my heart,

… my mind, and my soul.

I write because it’s who I am.

A writer, an author

– a lover of history and its mysteries,

and a lover of people’s uniqueness.

I don’t want to be rich or famous.

I don’t write to one day be a celebrity.

I write to clear the whirlwind in my head.

Some days the breeze is gentle.

Some days it is a hurricane.


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Who Are You?

For the final assignment of my New Media: Writing/Publishing course I created a PowerPoint presentation to share a message about who I am as a writer. I’m including it here for all of you as well. I hope you enjoy it.


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November (in July)

It’s the middle of July now, and I admit I am one of those people that complain about the heat. I like BBQs and swimming, but there is not much else I like about summer – except maybe ice cream and the fact that I don’t have to put shoes on to go outside.

I’m a Northern girl, so I’m comfortable in the cold. That doesn’t mean I don’t complain in February when we have four feet of snow in the front yard and the temperature hasn’t been above zero for a week. However, I do prefer the milder seasons of spring and fall to the heat of summer and the frigid, bone chilling cold of deepest winter.

Therefore, in mid July, when I can’t tell the difference between the temperature outside and inside my house, all I’m longing for is a nice long cold snap. Sorry folks, but it’s true.

So, to get us in the mindset of cooler weather here is a little poem about November.



The air is cool,

and the sky is bright – at night.

The frequent rain is ice cold,

and mornings are dark and dreary,

It is hard to start the day

when it looks like it is time for bed.

I toss and turn, not finding sleep

when the sky is so bright at night.

What a topsy-turvy world

daylight savings time creates.

Frosted leaves crunch under our feet

with each and every step we take.

Windows full of steam and fog

turn into frosty paintings.

Occasionally, white flakes float around,

raining down on the earth

It is too soon for the snow to stay,

but not to foreshadow the blizzards of winter.

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Today is the first day of autumn, my favorite time of the year. I love everything about the season – the leaves changing color, the smells of home cooking (especially sweet treats), cool mornings and warm afternoons, picnics, apple picking, carving pumpkins, and baking pies.

This afternoon, my son carved a small pumpkin and cooked the seeds. Tonight, we put the little smiling pumpkin on the stairs to our front porch and placed a lit candle inside. Unfortunately, it is also raining tonight. I hope I’ll be able to take some pictures of it tomorrow night.

On Monday, I plan to do a little shopping for decorations. We’ve lived in our current home for two years now, and I plan to deck everything out for the season this year. I’m hoping to pick up some seasonal window dressings, and a few centerpieces or wall hangings. I’m also hoping to find seasonal scented candles or room fresheners.

Another thing to celebrate this season – a few birthdays and Thanksgiving.

So, in honor of the Autumnal Equinox, a brief, free verse poem.


Autumn by Raven Hawk

The world turns cold,

as it prepares for winter hibernation.

The leaves change color,

making the skyline aglow – as if on fire.

The nights turn colder,

but the days remain warm.

Rain begins to fall,

often chilling us to the bone.

We begin to bake in our crock-pots,

and the smells pleasure our senses.

We eat hearty stews and pumpkin pies,

enjoying the comfort they bring.

We switch out our wardrobes,

exchanging bathing suits for sweaters.

We start spending Sunday afternoons

curled up under blankets reading

– or watching tv.

Welcome to the end of harvesting.

Welcome to afternoon apple picking.

Welcome to Autumn,

the best season in the year.

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Family Day

For Kyle and Jadyn, with love from Auntie M

Four years, seven months, and four days of insecurity

August 28, 2012: Adopted today

My family gains two siblings: Kyle and Jadyn

In my heart forever they will stay

Loved and adored forevermore

You’re safe now

Dan and Rose’s grandchildren

Another happy ending

You’re finally home

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Cat Talk by Raven Hawk

I like milk,

I like ham,

but most of all

I like hanging with the fam … ily.

I’m treated like a KING,

as well I should be,

and I roam the house

at night with ease.

Humans love me,

and for that reason

I am free.

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Bliss by Raven Hawk

Oh, how I ache for you.

I see you there,

across the room – with her.

You call to me

without a word.

I avoid you.

Circling the edge of the party,

there is casual conversation and meaningless words.

I only care for you.

I only came for you,

but I stay away because

you are not mine.

You are hers,

and if I were to hold you now,

to even be close enough to touch –

I might behave disgracefully.

The time has come.

The toast.

The cheers.

I debate if I dare,

Then I take a slice

After all – how can I refuse

Chocolate Cake

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