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I Write

I write because it frees me.

Because it heals me.

Because it eases my heart,

… my mind, and my soul.

I write because it’s who I am.

A writer, an author

– a lover of history and its mysteries,

and a lover of people’s uniqueness.

I don’t want to be rich or famous.

I don’t write to one day be a celebrity.

I write to clear the whirlwind in my head.

Some days the breeze is gentle.

Some days it is a hurricane.


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Today is the first day of autumn, my favorite time of the year. I love everything about the season – the leaves changing color, the smells of home cooking (especially sweet treats), cool mornings and warm afternoons, picnics, apple picking, carving pumpkins, and baking pies.

This afternoon, my son carved a small pumpkin and cooked the seeds. Tonight, we put the little smiling pumpkin on the stairs to our front porch and placed a lit candle inside. Unfortunately, it is also raining tonight. I hope I’ll be able to take some pictures of it tomorrow night.

On Monday, I plan to do a little shopping for decorations. We’ve lived in our current home for two years now, and I plan to deck everything out for the season this year. I’m hoping to pick up some seasonal window dressings, and a few centerpieces or wall hangings. I’m also hoping to find seasonal scented candles or room fresheners.

Another thing to celebrate this season – a few birthdays and Thanksgiving.

So, in honor of the Autumnal Equinox, a brief, free verse poem.


Autumn by Raven Hawk

The world turns cold,

as it prepares for winter hibernation.

The leaves change color,

making the skyline aglow – as if on fire.

The nights turn colder,

but the days remain warm.

Rain begins to fall,

often chilling us to the bone.

We begin to bake in our crock-pots,

and the smells pleasure our senses.

We eat hearty stews and pumpkin pies,

enjoying the comfort they bring.

We switch out our wardrobes,

exchanging bathing suits for sweaters.

We start spending Sunday afternoons

curled up under blankets reading

– or watching tv.

Welcome to the end of harvesting.

Welcome to afternoon apple picking.

Welcome to Autumn,

the best season in the year.

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Today is the first day of September. I enjoy this time of year, but not simply because we have a long weekend for Labor Day. This is the time of year when the days are still warm and the nights are cool. It’s not quite fall yet, but the mornings still remind us that the change of season is very near.

September mornings are filled with an abundance of dew, and the nights are foggy and cloudy – making it difficult to view the moon and stars most of the time. The leaves aren’t really changing color yet, but we know we’ll soon be seeing the red, orange, and yellow foliage that makes the trees look all aglow (like firelight). With that comes the leaf-peepers and our tourist welcoming behavior.

Baking gears up at my home, and many others in the area. We’re making casseroles, soups, and stews for dinner, or to freeze for quick meals in the coming days ahead. My children and I have pot roast, cooked in the crock-pot, at least once a week. We have chicken potpie, chicken and dumplings, and meatloaf regularly too. I make BBQ Meatloaf topped with bacon – yum! It’s time for warm hearty dinners, and baking pies.

Soon, we’ll be picking apples for pies, sauce, and special treats because nothing says autumn like the smell of spiced apples and pumpkin pie, except maybe the colorful leaves all around. Soon, we’ll put up our lawnmowers and get our shovels and snow blowers out. We’re also starting to think about winter clothes, so we’ll be packing up our bathing suits and shorts as well.

Rushing headlong into fall, those of us who live here in New England are simply in love with Mother Nature and the glory she provides.



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